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This is the site for the Survive the Disasters 2 soundtrack, It was researched completely by FlamingKittyZoid.

Keep in mind that music is added to the game all the time so it may not be fully complete.

The music will be sorted out into maps, mini games and bosses.

Acid DepthsEdit

Super Smash Bros. - Brinstar Depths (Metroid)
Super Smask Bros. Brinstar (Metriod)


MapleStory - Aqua Dungeon
Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest (Present) [J]
Undertale - Waterfall
MapleStory - Shining Sea
Sonic Adventure 2 - Dive into the Mellow (ft. Hunnid P)
Ristar - Splash Down!!
MapleStory - Waterway Maze

Candy CloudEdit

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 2
Super Smash Bros. Magicant (Mother 3)
ASTERIA - Welcome to ChewChew Island (MapleStory Soundtrack)

Castle GardensEdit

Super Smash Bros. - Together, We Ride! (Fire Emblem)
Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded By Light
Super Smash Bros. - Temple
Sonic 3D - Rusty Ruins Act 1 (Saturn)
Persona 3 - Memories of the City
Final Fantasy XIII - Chocobo of Pulse
Xenoblade Chronicles - Gaur Plains

City ParkEdit

Kirby AirRide - City Trial
Super Smash Bros. - Big Blue (F-Zero)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Escape from the City
Sonic R - Livin' In the City (Radical City)
Sonic Heroes - Grand Metropolis Zone
Super Smash Bros. - Mute City (F-Zero)
Super Smash Bros. - Fourside (Earthbound)


Kirby AirRide - Sky Sands
MapleStory - Sunset Desert
Sonic Adventure 2 - Hidden Base
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Oil Ocean Zone


Super Smash Bros. - Final Destination (Brawl)
Super Smash Bros. - The Fountain of Dreams (Kirby)
Kirby AirRide - Light

Green Hill ZoneEdit

Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic Zone (Past)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill Zone
Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Angel Island Zone Act 2
Sonic Adventure 2 - Dry Lagoon
Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)  - Green Hill Zone
Sonic Advance 3 - Sunset Hill Act 2 (Sonic Megamix)
Sonic 3D - Green Grove Zone Act 2 (Genesis)
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - Splash Hill Zone Act 1

Home Sweet HomeEdit

Ghostbusters (Genesis) - Apartment
Puyo Puyo - Puyo Puyo Theme
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Exercise Mode
TQ- Jam - Everlasting Saturday


Ratchet and Clank - Gemlik Base
Ratchet and Clank - Nebula G34
MapleStory - Kulan Field
Sonic Adventure 2 - Space Trip Steps (Instrumental)

Molten MetalEdit

Sonic 3D - Volcano Valley Act 1 (Genesis)
UnderTale - Another Medium
Kirby AirRide - Magma Flows
Sonic Generations - Crisis City Act 2

Panic PyramidEdit

Force of Nature - Sneak Chamber
Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Sandopolis Zone Act 2
MapleStory - Nett's Pyramid

Plastic PalaceEdit

MapleStory - Toy Factory
MapleStory - Time Attack
Kirby AirRide - Checker Knights
MapleStory - Funny Time Maker


Super Smash Bros. Luigi's Mansion Theme
MapleStory - Phantom Forest
Sonic Heroes - Hang Castle Zone
Sonic Heroes - Mystic Mansion Zone


MapleStory - White Christmas
Kirby AirRide - Frozen Hillside
Mario Party 10 - Peaceful Snow
Ristar - Ice Scream
Sonic 3D - Diamond Dust Act 1 (Genesis)


Hyper DisasterEdit

Igneon System and Deathmachine - Sins
Nero - Doomsday [cut]

Mystery DisasterEdit

Kirby AirRide - Dense Fog Today

Double ThreatEdit

Jormungand PO - The First Step to Escape from Complex [Cut]
Rotteen - The Last Machine I Trusted [Cut]

Triple ThreatEdit

Anamanaguchi - The Dark One
Hiroyuki Sawano - Attack on Titan OST 2: Track 4 [Cut]

Boss FightEdit


Touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her
Puyo Puyo - Final of Puyo Puyo
Castle Crashers - Chaoz Japan
Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone


Final Fantasy X - Otherworld

Black MageEdit

Under Night In-Birth - Blood Drain - Again

Giant NoobEdit

touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her
Puyo Puyo - Final of Puyo Puyo
Castle Crashers - Chaoz Japan

Crimson BalrogEdit

MapleStory - Crimson Balrog Theme


Undertale - Run!

Epic DuckEdit

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Stages 9-12


Barrier EggmanEdit

Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Major Boss

Hammer EggmanEdit

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Boss


Tetris -Theme Type A

Fire BreathEdit

Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Minor Boss (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Dr. RobotnikEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) - Boss


Kirby AirRide - Flying Meteor


Game OverEdit

Sonic CD - Game Over [U]

Last One StandingEdit

Example - Last One Standing (Doctor P Remix) [Cut]

Latest activityEdit

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